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Special Needs

Finding appropriate dental care for a special needs child can be a challenge for parents – and it can also be an afterthought when dealing with other pressing health issues. Dr. Da Fonseca has dedicated her practice to helping special needs children get the care they deserve and educating and supporting their families.

Provide your pediatric dentist with information about your child prior to the first visit

Make note of anything about your child that could help the visit go smoothly. Pre-visit is the perfect time to ask questions, voice concerns and make sure that you and your new pediatric dentist are on the same page.

Prepare yourself and your child for the first visit

Stay positive and make your child excited about the visit! You can even start to prepare them early by saying we’re going to visit an old friend next week and then drive by the office to show them where you’ll be going. Be sure to read the information your pediatric dentist sends in advance of your appointment so you know what to expect and can prepare your child.


Special needs parents may be dealing with multiple, significant health needs in their children, it’s important not to let oral health slip to the back burner. Parents can help their children become familiar with great oral health when they are very young by wiping their gums with a wet washcloth and ensuring they don’t take bottles to bed filled with sugary drinks. Consistent routines that promote oral health and drinking water throughout the day can be important measures in helping keep teeth clean at home.

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